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...It all started one day, we had a family friend visiting us from our native country for a week. One evening, we had an invite to attend an engagement party. In preparation for the event, we wanted to look our best and headed to the salon that I often visit. In the haste of things, I missed giving a call to schedule the appointment. Consequently, we had to wait longer than usual during that busy evening. With the wait getting longer, being impatient and to get a conversation striking, my friend rapidly uttered a volley of casual queries in succession (was quite sure those queries weren't planned and simply impulsive):

    • "Have you tried that Salon around the corner"
    • "Are they expensive"
    • "Any idea if they have a hair expert"

Although these were impulsively naïve, after my friend left, the thoughts kept intriguing me!! Just to make sure this was not a random situation and if at all such genuine concerns exist, I embarked on a curious trip speaking to nearly 500 odd people spanning my friends, colleagues, networks, etc...

Seven months later, Beutics online became a reality!

Subsequent learnings and further developments enabled us to bring YOU the following benefits:

    • Convenient Scheduling: Booking and Scheduling Appointments within your palm and finger tips anytime at your convenience.
    • Curated Searches: We have taken the effort to curate services for Beauty & Wellness centres such as Salons, SPA's, Fitness and Cosmetic clinics.
    • Get Curious Be Informed: As we continuously strive to build our partner network, we have taken the efforts to give you as much information about our partners, this makes your life easier in deciding upon.
    • Embrace Change with breeze: Should you at any point be required to find options in the market for better services or deals, resort to Beutics and glance through our reviewed insights and specializations.
    • It's all about Value: We work very close with our partners to offer you remarkable DEALS such that you derive value. Our ongoing efforts will be to exhibit deals from our partners across UAE.

With Beutics, YOU have no excuse from Looking Good Inside Out.

We wholeheartedly encourage your opinions and feedback(contact@beutics.com). We would love to hear from you and listen to improvize as we have embarked on this journey to be your companion and the choice of destination to look good and stay fit.


Beutics Belief

The success of Beutics journey is all about sharing. Sharing thoughts, feedbacks, appreciations will further enhance the individual experiences and inturn elevate the beauty marketplace.